All pickleball courts are open to the public unless scheduled for a Recreation Department program or private rental. 

Open Play

What is Open Play? Open Play = Pick-Up. It is a scheduled time where players of any skill level are invited to show up and play with others. No sign up required, just come play.

Players at court will determine the format, but if courts are full, “4 on-4 off” will be used. If kids are present, it is suggested  to allow for a single “kids court” to be established. Games to 11 will be allowed unless it proves to cause delays. Then games to 9 should be implemented as in the past.

Monday-Sunday: 8-11am

Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday: 5-9pm

First Come, First Serve Play

What is First Come, First Serve Play? This type of play is for groups who want to play with just their group when coming to the courts to play. This is a great option for friends or families who want to just play together and not be mixed into the group during open play, or people who want to play singles. There is no court time limit and courts cannot be “saved” for a group that is not present. No sign up required, just come play.

Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday: 11am – 5pm

Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday: 11am – 9pm


Thank you to our sponsors:
Consumers Cooperative Oil, Dana Fehrenbach,
Darlene Ballweg, Deanna Ballweg, McFarlanes,
Prem Meats, and Pat & Tom Schwarz

Court Usage Priority Order

1) Recreation Department Events/Education
2) Rental – Courts 7 & 8 (2 courts closest to tennis courts)
3) Open Play –  During Scheduled Hours
4) First Come/First Serve

Rentable Courts

Pickleball Courts 7 & 8 are available to rent in 2-hour time blocks when not scheduled for Recreation Department or Community Education programs. Each time block is $10.

Reservations will open the first business day in April. Courts will be reservable from the first Monday in May through last Sunday in October.


Reservation Process

Reservation requests can be made in-person at the Recreation Office (730 Monroe St, Sauk City) or on RecDesk. (You must have an account)

Click here, then sort by Facility Type-Pickleball Court.

Online requests must be made at least 7 days prior to reservation date. Requests will be reviewed by staff who will then add the fee and send a notification email. Once the notification email is sent, payment must be made online by the following business day or the request will expire. 

In-person requests must be made at least 48 hours prior to reservation date, EXCEPT weekend reservations must be made by Thursday. Payment is due at time of reservation

Click drop down “All Facilities” and select Pickleball or Tennis. 

Tennis Courts

Milwaukee Valve Courts (1, 2)

Two courts with four pickleball courts overlayed.

Pickleball Courts

Consumers Cooperative Oil Court (1)

Dana Fehrenbach Court (2)

Darlene Ballweg Court (3)

Deanna Ballweg Court (4)

McFarlanes Court (5)

Prem Meats Court (6)

Tom & Pat Schwarz Court (7)

Sponsorship Available (8)